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              Your location:Home > Products > Rubber outsole hydraulic press > Wh-130zd double oil cylinder automatic rubber bottom oil pressure
              Wh-130zd double oil cylinder automatic rubber bottom oil pressure
              Wh-130zd double oil cylinder automatic rubber bottom oil pressure
              Product details
               ◆ the machine adopts the double oil cylinder design of upper and lower layers, and the upper and lower layers operate independently without interference with each other.
              High efficiency, 15% higher than single cylinder design, high constant and low energy consumption

              ◆ the fuselage structure is welded with Guoyou A3 iron plate and processed vertically after high temperature annealing to eliminate pressure.
               ◆ the oil cylinder is made of nodular cast iron, and the piston is made of solid chilled cast iron, with a hardness of more than 56 degrees, wear-resistant and scratch free.  
               ◆ power system adopts excellent brand: Datong.  
               ◆ the oil tank is equipped with cooling function to reduce the oil temperature and prolong the service life of circulating oil.  
               ◆ the high and low hydraulic system adopts Taiwan KCl high flow system, with long service life and stable quality.  
               ◆ the machine oil circuit system adopts logic type, without consideration of oil pressure relief.  
               ◆ 5mm thick seamless steel pipe shall be adopted for oil pressure piping, pickled after welding, and the seal shall be imported products to prevent leakage.  
               ◆ the electric control adopts PCL programmable control, which has powerful functions and can be set as required, with password locking function. The interface adopts 7 "HD touch screen, which is beautiful. Convenient. Durable.  
               ◆ the operating table is welded with angle iron and equipped with mold trolley
              ◆ it can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.
              model WH-130ZD
              Cylinder 12"300mm
              Heating plate 460mm x 470mm
              spacing 180mm-200mm
              Number of layers two
              power 37.4KW
              Number of stations six
              Mechanical Dimensions 2.35x2. 5x7. 6(M)
              Heating mode Steam, electric heating, hot kerosene
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